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Stop Motion Recreation of X-Men Cartoon Intro

Stop Motion Recreation of X-Men Cartoon Intro

Stop Motion Recreation of X-Men Cartoon Intro

If you were comic book fan in the early 90s, the X-Men cartoon was a really big deal. First, it was the X-Men, which reinvigorated the comic book industry at that time. Second, the cartoon was not dumbed down for kids at all. Some of the more violent aspects were removed, but the cartoon stayed as dark as the source material and tackled mature subject matter. Best of all, it had one of the most kickass intros to ever grace an American cartoon.

Granted that the animation didn’t stand the test of time, and it looks crappy now when compared to current cartoons, but this stop motion recreation of the X-Men cartoon’s intro sort of makes it look cool enough for our modern sensibilities,with the duo of Kyle Roberts and Nathan Popppe using action figures, paper cut-outs, and a slightly updated music to bring the mutants to [stop-motion] life:

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