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Viper’s Creed and X-Men burst onto G4

Viper's Creed and X-Men burst onto G4

In a return to form of the Anime Unleashed blocks on G4, the network has added two new Japanese animated series to its lineup. Next up, in their continuing commitment to air the Marvel Anime, G4 premiered X-Men on Friday, but to compliment that series, they’ve also picked up 13 episode Viper’s Creed. Check back after the jump for plot analysis, and the very first episode of Viper’s Creed.

X-Men is the third of the four Marvel anime projects with acclaimed Japanese studio Madhouse after the Ironman, and Wolverine productions. This series follows the struggles the X-Men must face when the death of one of their own forces them on an expedition to Japan. The series premiered earlier this year in Japan on Animax, and ran for a total of 12 episodes, as is the case for all of the Marvel anime projects.

Viper’s Creed is 2009 anime series from Sony following the calamity of war after the effects of global warming submerge a major portion of the planet. As the cities struggle with coping, private military outfits take place to help out. Viper’s Creed follows one of their stories. The 13 episode series was dubbed into English in Calgary by Blue Water Studios, and is streaming in its entirety on Crackle, Sony’s online video portal.


Marvel Anime: X-Men airs Fridays on G4 at 11PM, with Viper’s Creed following a half hour later at 11:30PM. As always, check your local listings to see when it’s on at your house.

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