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X-Men: Days of Future Past Will Still Feature Rogue

Anna Paquin fans were disappointed of previous reports that her character, Rogue, has been cut off from Days of Future Past after her scene was deemed unnecessary and would lengthen the film’s length to over two and a half hours, with Bryan Singer himself calling the scene “extraneous.”

However, a new report from Vulture states that Rogue will still be part of the film and her scene will be pivotal, even if it’s been shortened to the point that it’s only a cameo. According to the report, the original scene had Rogue being imprisoned in the X-Mansion (which has gone under The Sentinels’ control) and was rescued by several main characters. With the scene removed, she will still show up in another key part of the film, although it may seem out of the blue without the rescue scene.

Lastly, Vulture also states that there are other characters (besides the confirmed ones like Stewart, McKellen, Jackman, and Berry) who secretly filmed scenes for the movie, but didn’t reveal them because it would ruin a major plot point.



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