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DC Nation – Young Justice and Farm League


Warner Bros. Animation has just released a bunch of promotional images and a teaser clip for this Saturday’s DC Nation programming block, which includes the Young Justice: Invasion episode titled “Endgame”, and the hilarious animated short titled “Farm League.”

In the Young Justice: Invasion episode titled “Endgame,” the team is already on the verge of finally ending the alien invasion, only to find out that the cost of victory may be the entire planet Earth itself. You can check out the gallery of images below:

The “Farm League,” on the other hand, is a comedic take on the Justice League that provides a look at the premiere superteam if the members are animals. The video in particular features “The Flish,” which is a fish version of The Flash, and Captain Cod, another fish-themed character modeled after the Flash villain Captain Cold. The short also features “Robin’s Egg,” which is exactly as its name implies – the boy wonder as a caped egg.

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