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Young Justice: Earthlings

Young Justice: Earthlings

This week’s episode of Young Justice finds Miss Martian, Superboy, and Beast Boy teaming up with Adam Strange and preventing an alien infiltration of Earth by taking the fight to the source: planet Rann.

There’s a couple of preview clips provided by Warner Bros. below:

The first clip shows Adam Strange trying to eavesdrop on a group of soldiers from Rann, only to be caught by another guard, because this is Adam Strange we’re talking about, not Batman. Stealth really isn’t one of his strong suits. You know what he’s good at? Jetpacks. He has one, and he uses it to tackle the guard.


The second clip shows Superboy being punked by a giant robot spider. The clip is a bit of a cliffhanger, we know there’s no way a robot spider can take down Superboy, regardless of how gigantic said robot spider is.


There’s also a gallery of preview images:

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