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New Young Justice: Invasion Clip – Complications

New Young Justice: Invasion Clip - Complications

A new clip and a ton of preview images have been released for this week’s episode of Young Justice: Invasion, titled “Complications.” The episode continues the Black Manta’s vendetta against Miss Martian, with Aqualad also encountering problems of his own.

In “Complications,” Black Manta has given Miss Martian only 24 hours to live, which may seem bad enough, but Aqualad actually has it worse – as he’s got Sportsmaster and Cheshire hunting him down. He may end up having even less time than Miss Martian.

You can check out the video and the image gallery below:

“Complications” will be premiering this Saturday, February 16, as part of the DC Nation Programming Block, which airs on the Cartoon Network at 10:00 AM ET/PT.

The DC Nation Programming Block also includes other shows such as Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld, and a variety of hilarious DC shorts.

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