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New Young Justice: Invasion Clip – Before the Dawn

New Young Justice: Invasion Clip – Before the Dawn

Young Justice: Invasion will be returning to Saturday Mornings this week via a new action-packed episode titled ‘Before the Dawn.’ Warner Bros. has released a couple of preview clips and a gaggle of images to get you excited. One of the clips show Kid Flash and the Blue Beetle getting bested in a fight, while the Black Manta looks on, the other one shows, well, Jamie on a skateboard (action-packed!).

Before the Dawn follows the Blue Beetle, Miss Martian, and the rest of the team as they go on a covert mission in order to rescue some of their allies. The mission goes pear-shaped when they uncover shocking secrets and devastating truths along the way.

The preview clips and the teaser images can be seen below:

Young Justice: Invasion can be seen as part of the much-awaited return of DC Nation programming block this Saturday, 10 AM on the Cartoon Network.

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