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New Young Justice: Invasion Clip – True Colors

New Young Justice: Invasion Clip - True Colors

It’s all coming to a head in this week’s episode of Young Justice: Invasion, titled “True Colors.” Warner Bros. has provided a couple of teaser clips and a bunch of images in order to give you an idea on what to expect with the upcoming episode, which airs today, January 19, 10:00 a.m. ET/PT on the Cartoon Network as part of the DC Nation programming block.

In “True Colors,” Robin takes the initiative to form a squad and take them undercover in order to investigate further when the Reach forms a dalliance with Lexcorp. The first clip features Lex himself talking to members of the Reach, while the second clip follows our episode protagonist going undercover and checking out a bunch of genetically enhanced fruits. Check out the videos and images below:

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