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Young Justice: Legacy Goes Live

Young Justice: Legacy Goes Live

Last year, Cartoon Network pulled the plug on one of the best animated shows (subjective opinion, but one that is shared by many Toonbarn readers) on their slate, Young Justice: Invasion, without much fanfare and with very little possibility of a return. Of course, nowadays people no longer even hope to see the series make a comeback after CN has also given the same treatment to several other fan favorite shows.

Some good news, though. While Young Justice won’t be coming back soon, fans will be able to chew on a new story bridging seasons 1 and 2 of the show, as Young Justice: Legacy was just released for the PC last Tuesday via Steam.

Young Justice: Legacy is a 3D isometric Action RPG that lets you control a hero from the 12 main characters and fight against various villains. Along the way, you’ll get a little bit of help from the big guys like Superman, Flash, and Batman.

You’ll hear some complaints from gamers saying that it’s just Justice League Heroes with Young Justice characters, but that’s an unfair and inaccurate description. Rather, Young Justice: Legacy owes more from the rival company’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance game, which is an admittedly more polished game than Justice League Heroes where gameplay is concerned. The complaints about launch day DLC is an entirely different subject, and one that I won’t comment on because I didn’t buy it.

As for where you can buy the game, you can go directly to , price will vary depending on region, as per Steam’s M.O.

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