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Young Justice: Performance

Young Justice: Performance
On the next episode of Young Justice, entitled “Performance”, we find the team going undercover as circus performers (a fitting role for Robin, right?) at the Haly International Traveling Circus, in order to catch a thief who steals weapons technology across Europe. The odd thing is, a thief is the least of their concerns when it comes to what they eventually find.

There’s a couple of preview clips up for “Performance”:


The first clip shows the entire team performing under their undercover guises, with Robin seemingly failing a trapeze move and falling…to his doom? Yeah, like we’re going to believe anything bad will happen to the boy wonder when he’s falling towards Superboy (who’s working as the troupe’s Strongman).


The second clip shows Superboy using his OMGHAXX vision to spy on the tech thief, who is soon cornered by the entire superteam. An entire group of heroes is not really something that a normal thief can hope to escape, but again, the thief is not their real problem.

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