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Young Justice: Season 1 Makes Its Way to Blu-Ray

If you’re one of the many fans that miss the Young Justice animated TV series, this week might bring something that will warm the cockles of your heart, as the highly popular (for its time, at least) super team will be making its way to HD for the first time via the Young Justice: Season 1 Blu-Ray release (Warner Bros., $29.99).

The Young Justice: Season 1 Blu-Ray contains all 26 episodes of the first season, which should help tide you over until the next time you feel bad that the show is most likely never going to return. For those of you who are joining us just now, Young Justice focuses on the younger heroes in the DC universe, with the team consisting of the younger counterparts (and sidekicks) of the members of the Justice League. The series was a huge hit with fans but still struggled in the ratings, resulting in cancellation after two seasons.


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  1. Adam Adam

    it wasn’t cancelled because of ratings, it was cancelled because 1) it wasn’t making enough money in merchandise in the opinion the Cartoon Network’s head of programming (who’s well known for caring more about profits then anything else. 2.) it was expensive to make the series because they put a lot of money into it;s production, 3) it was too popular to female audience instead of boys and Cartoon network executives don’t want to attract a female audience, they want boys only since they supposedly buy more toys based on cartoons then girls do

  2. red x red x

    It’s exactly as Adam said. Young Justice did fantastic in the ratings. Over 2mil each Saturday which was great despite how bad they treated it, it was still on par with those crappy comedy shows like Regular Show and Adventure Time , it was cancelled because it didn’t have a toy line, which is the same reason Thundercats, Sym-bionic Titan, and Green Lantern were cancelled. It’s funny because in today’s times kids don’t even really play with toys so it just makes CN look even worse. Whoever was responsible for its cancellation needs to be fired and never allowed to work in the business again

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