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Month: February 2009

Batman’s “The Dark Knight” tops $1 billion

The Dark KnightBatfans, rejoice! (yaaay!) The Caped Crusader hit another huge milestone this past week. As of Friday, February 20th, Batman’s latest hit movie, The Dark Knight, has officially made more than $1 billion dollars in theaters! The Dark Knight is just the fourth movie to hit that total, joining Titanic, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. (But we all know Batman is the best, anyway! 🙂 )

Wubbzy’s World Autism Awareness Day

Wubbzy's World Autism Awareness DayWubbzy isn’t just the star of the animated show Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!; he’s also into good causes! He has recently become the newest spokes-character to promote World Autism Awareness Day, on April 2nd. The Nick Jr. star will appear in public service announcements, getting people involved with the virtual “Walk on the Web.” Check out the official site for more details!


Planet 51

Planet 51Planet 51 is an upcoming animated film about a human astronaut who lands on a planet thinking he’s the first to set foot on it. …only to immediately discover it already has life on it.  Lots and lots of life!  Little green people, with families and pets and barbecue grills.  Unlike Battle for Terra, this film is a comedy – as you can see from the trailer below the break!  The film, which will hit theaters November 20th, was created by Jorge Blanco and Joe Stillman, working together with Ilion Animation Studios, New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures Worldwide, and TriStar Pictures.

Geronimo Stilton toys

Geronimo Stilton toysWant some Geronimo Stilton toys? You got’em! Atlantyca Entertainment and the MoonScoop Group have agreed to work with toy company Giochi Preziosi to produce toys for the animated series. But what if you’ve never heard of the show? That’s OK! It’s not on TV yet 🙂 But it will be on Italian TVs this fall, and all across Europe and the US at the start of next year. And then those toys will mean something!

Flowertot Friday

Flowertot FridayFifi and the Milkshakes? Well, sorta. The third season of the CGI / stop-motion animated series Fifi and the Flowertots will be debuting on Five’s Milkshake! block later this spring. The official launch date is May 1st, at 8am, and is all part of Flowertot Friday. The new episodes, created by Nick Jr. and Chapman Entertainment, will feature all new characters: twin sisters Buttercup and Daisy.

Bakugan video game coming to your console of choice

Bakugan video game coming to your console of choice

Activision has announced plans to release a Bakugan video game on pretty much every popular home console: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS2 (sorry PSP!). The NOW Production-developed game will be released this fall, and will feature “intense battles, the ability to create your own Brawler, cartoon quality graphics and multiplayer combat.” Check out the teaser after the break!

Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark

Spider-Man, Turn Off the DarkWe know that Spider-Man is spectacular, but did you know that he’s… musical? The folks at Broadway seem to think so. Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark is the name of an upcoming Broadway Musical featuring our friendly neighborhood webhead. The show is set to open on Thursday, February 18th of next year, and will feature music by U2. Tickets for the show go on sale this June, according to the various creators: Hello Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Jeremiah Harris.

CBS and Cookie Jar Entertainment: BFFs!

CBS and Cookie Jar Entertainment: BFFs!I looove cookies! And now, I think CBS does too! Or, at least, Cookie Jar Entertainment. Even though companies like 4KidsTV abandon cartoon networks, CBS and Cookie Jar want to bring you toons instead!! The two companies just agreed to produce Saturday morning cartoons for the next three seasons! It’s not yet decided which cartoons will appear during the block, but could we be watching the Metajets as well as Noonbory & the Super 7 on CBS soon enough…?

Pokemon folks talk “Platinum”

Pokemon Creators talk "Platinum"IGN recently had the chance to talk to the folks behind the  upcoming “Pokemon Platinum Version” game, due out in late March for the Nintendo DS. They got a bunch of great behind-the-scenes info out of the pair, producer Jyunichi Masuda and designer Takeshi Kawachimaru.  You can check out the full full interview at IGN, but here’s a sample after the break!

[Source: IGN]
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