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Month: July 2012

Director Barry Cook remembers Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida’s My Peoples

Director Barry Cook remembers Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida’s My Peoples

Back in 1999, director Barry Cook started working on an animated film that would use a unique animation style that would blend hand drawn with computer generated imagery, which was a technique that was unseen at that time. Entitled “My Peoples”, the film was based on his short story The Ghost & His Gift, which is a retelling of The Canterville Ghost.

Far from being a straightforward retelling of The Canterville Ghost, Cook infused My Peoples with elements taken straight from his life, such as the Appalachian music and folklore that have dominated his childhood. It was Cook’s vision that Walt Disney Feature Animation studio in Florida would have brought to life.

Disney Animator Dan Lund Releases Knock Knock App for iPad

Disney Animator Releases Knock Knock App for iPad

Disney animator Dan Lund has recently developed and released a new iOS (iPad and iPhone) app that will please people who enjoy knock knock jokes. The Knock Knock App for iOS lets users interact with a wide variety of characters through a series of voice-activated knock knock jokes, featuring fully animated punch lines. The app is perfect for road trips, family vacations, and even for lazy afternoons as children will love interacting with the cute cartoon characters that respond to their voices.

Dan Lund’s past credits include classic Disney features such as Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Winnie the Pooh, and Princess and the Frog. Lund will also be part of the upcoming feature Frozen. Lund admits that his inspiration for the Knock Knock app originated from a Christmas visit with his niece and nephew, who kept him busy with jokes for the entire trip. Lund realized that they we able to tell jokes for hours on end since it’s some sort of rite of passage that every kid experiences. He then set out to celebrate this milestone in the growing up process by creating the best iOS app he can dream off.

Transformers Prime: One Shall Stand DVD Preview

Orion Pax

Transformers Prime: One Shall Stand DVD, brought to you by Shout! Factory and Hasbro Studios, is available to own tomorrow, July 31, 2012. This DVD features the 7-Part story arc which spans the end of the 1st season and the beginning of the 2nd season of Transformers Prime, which can be seen on The Hub Network, Saturdays at 3 PM (EDT). This is one of the most special presentations you will ever see of a series of episodes on DVD, so fork out the $14.97 for this priced to own, highly collectible DVD. This is like having a Transformers: Prime movie before it ever came out in the theater. The seamless, riveting, action-packed storyline is unlike any you have seen in a 2-hour DVD before.

Toys in the Attic to Open in New York

Toys in the Attic to Open in New York

New York audiences will have a chance to enjoy Jiri Barta’s new stop-motion animated movie Toys in the Attic on August 25 and 26 at 11 AM at the IFC Center. The version of Toys in the Attic that will be shown in August is the same version as the grand prize winner from the NYICFF 2010 but with a new English dub, which features the voices of Forest Whitaker, Joan Cusack, and Cary Elwes. Described as “four parts Toy Story and one part David Lynch,” Toys in the Attic follows a group of abandoned toys staging an ambitious rescue of their toynapped friend.

MTV Prepares Daria Marathon

MTV Prepares Daria Marathon

Starting today and until August 3, MTV will give fans a chance to relive the past as they offer a special marathon of everyone’s favorite precocious and antisocial teen, Daria. MTV will be airing a select few episodes taken from the five seasons of the show and air them from 9 AM to 12 PM.

Originally created by Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn, Daria follows the adventures of the titular character, Daria Morgendorffer as she offers biting satire on social norms and pop culture while trying to deal with everyday teenage life. The show was a spinoff of Mike Judge’s hit Beavis and Butthead, where Daria originally appeared, and ran from 1997 to 2002.

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