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Month: August 2012

ToonOlympics Semi-Final Match: Phineas and Ferb (USA) Vs. Pocket Protectors (New Zealand)

ToonOlympics Match 22 USA vs New Zealand

For our second semi-final match, we have a special treat for those of you that have been following the ToonOlympics since we started this competition on August 1 with the Opening Ceremonies. Now that we are on the last day of August, instead of showing the same information about the cartoons you have already seen, how about we interview the 2 cartoons that are competing today?

Play Hotel Transylvania: Wayne’s Wolf Pup Wrangle

Play Hotel Transylvania: Wayne's Wolf Pup Wrangle

We’re only a few weeks away from the world premiere of Sony Pictures Animation’s new horror-comedy feature Hotel Transylvania, which is slated for release on September 28, 2012. In order to help prepare (or tease..tee hee) fans for what’s in store, a bunch of quality browser games based on the movie will be released. The first game lets us play with Wayne the Werewolf in Wayne’s Wolf Pup Wrangle!

Monster Entertainment to Distribute Jam Media’s Funky Fables

Monster Entertainment to Distribute Jam Media's Funky Fables

Monster Entertainment has recently been tapped to distribute Jam Media’s animated series Funky Fables, with the distributor planning to showcase the series a MIPJunior in Cannes this coming October.

The Funky Fables (26 x 11) series features refreshing – and funky – twists on classic fairy tales, including The Magic Mirror, which focuses on the eponymous mirror as it gets tired of people’s vanity and instead embarks on a road trip of personal discovery. There’s also Miss Muffet and Legs the Spider, which is a story that used to depend on the double act, but what happens if Legs decides to play it solo?

Production I.G. Drops Anime Due to Non Payment

Production I.G. Drops Anime Due to Non Payment

Anime studio Production I.G. has recently announced the cancellation of a production contract due to payment default. Their work on the project has already cost them 144,358,000 yen (around $1.8 million) as of June 30, 2012. Aside from cutting losses, the studio hopes to recover such a massive loss.

Production I.G.’s parent company, IG Port, has already filed a warning on the potential effect of the non payment to the company’s profitability with the JASDAQ securities exchange.

Seth MacFarlane to Host Saturday Night Live

Seth MacFarlane to Host Saturday Night Live

Fresh off his sleeper hit Ted, Seth MacFarlane will spearhed the 38th season of the late night TV show Saturday Night Live as he hosts the season opener on Sept. 15. Fans can expect the creator of Fox TV’s hit mature toons Family Guy, Aerican Dad, and the Cleveland show to bring his own brand of grown-up, irreverent humor to the sketch and comedy show.

ToonOlympics Semi-Final Match: Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (USA) Vs. The Legend of Korra (USA)

ToonOlympics Match 21 USA vs USA

ToonOlympics Final Four! That’s right! Only 3 matches left. One of these final four cartoons has to go home with nothing, while the other 3 all get Medals. If you’re wondering how we decide on who gets the Bronze Medal, here’s the method we use. After the voting is complete on Sunday Night at Midnight for the 2 Semi-Final Matches, we look at both losing cartoons. The cartoon with the most votes between the two losers becomes the Bronze Medal Winner.

The Clone Wars Returns for its 5th Season on Cartoon Network

The Clone Wars Returns for its 5th Season on Cartoon Network

Following the roller coaster ride that is its fourth season, Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns with even more action and an especially riveting story worthy of the franchise name. Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ 5th season is scheduled to premiere on the Cartoon Network on September 29, 2012 at 9:30 AM, promising a darker turn for the Jedi as the story moves closer to the grim events of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. We all know how things turned out for Obi-Wan and Anakin, right?

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