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Month: October 2013

Sentai Filmworks Acquires Little Busters! Refrain

Sentai Filmworks Acquires Little Busters! Refrain

Anime distributor Sentai Filmworks has recently announced that they have acquired the license for the Little Busters! follow-up titled Little Busters! Refrain, and are planning to release it on home video and digital by 2014.

Refrain has the cast and staff of Little Busters! returning to reprise their roles and continue their work behind the scenes. As for the series itself, Sentai Filmworks provides the following synopsis:

ToonBarn Interviews Free Birds Director Jimmy Hayward

Free Birds Director Jimmy Hayward talking to Owen Wilson about his character, Reggie

Director and screenwriter Jimmy Hayward gained early directorial prominence as a commercial director and was one of the original animators of the pioneering computer-animated television series Reboot in the nascent years of CG animation. He was then quickly recruited by Pixar Animation to work on the groundbreaking film Toy Story. Hayward continued working with the company for over a decade, during which time he animated on such beloved films as Toy Story 2, A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo. Following his stint at Pixar, Hayward joined 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios as a writer and sequence director on the hit film Robots. Hayward’s feature animation directorial debut, Horton Hears A Who!, was a huge success, earning nearly $300 million worldwide. Hayward returns to feature directing, and also adds screenwriter to his credits with Free Birds.

Free Birds Interview: Rich McKain and Kevin Adams

Free Birds flies into theaters tomorrow

Free Birds stars Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler and George Takei. Directed by Jimmy Hayward, this buddy comedy about two turkeys who travel back in time to get turkeys off the Thanksgiving menu will be in theaters TOMORROW!

Jenny gets a look at the Earth from inside S.T.E.V.E.

ToonBarn had the pleasure of talking about how the film was made from two of the major contributors to the film, Animation Supervisor Rich McKain, and Kevin Adams, who was in charge of Production Design. Both of those interviews are below. As an intermission between the two interviews, we have a special link to a video which shows the Avian System that was developed to support the Feathers and Fur group on Free Birds. Enjoy these interviews and behind-the-scenes look at Free Birds.

LEGO® Star Wars™ The Yoda Chronicles – Attack of the Jedi Premieres on CN this November

LEGO® Star Wars™ The Yoda Chronicles - Attack of the Jedi Premieres on CN this November

It seems like the concern of Star Wars fans over their favorite franchise moving to a different network (due to the LucasFilm acquisition) are premature, as Cartoon Network is not yet done with all things Jedi. Case in point, this November 27 at 8:00 PM ET/PT, Cartoon Network will be premiering LEGO® Star Wars™ The Yoda Chronicles’ third and final special, titled Attack of the Jedi.

In Attack of the Jedi, Obi-Wan finds out that several major Sith Lords and their apprentices are gathered at Mustafar. The Jedi then decided to hurry to Mustafar and destroy the Sith once and for all, only to find out that it’s a trap, resulting in the Republic Fleet being destroyed. It is now up to Yoda, Anakin, and the Padawans to travel to Endor and find JEK so that they can mount a rescue.

IDW to Extend Samurai Jack Comic Book’s Run

IDW to Extend Samurai Jack Comic Book's Run

This is actually old news, as IDW has announced that they would be releasing a new comic book based on the old Cartoon Network series Samurai Jack. However, recent developments in the project make it worth mentioning again, as IDW has announced that they would be increasing the minimum commitment to ten issues, from the originally planned five, after positive fan response and strong sales for the first issue (which was released last October 23.

Happy Tree Friends: Complete Disaster Scheduled for Tuesday

Happy Tree Friends: Complete Disaster Scheduled for Tuesday

This coming Tuesday, November 5, fans of Mondo Media’s chaotic bunch of fuzzy animals will have something to take home (or something to download) as Cinedigm plans to release the new collection titled Happy Tree Friends: Complete Disaster on DVD and digital.

Happy Tree Friends: Complete Disaster includes all 13-half-hour episodes and 75 shorts re-mastered in full HD. This will mark the first time that Mondo Media’s popular web series will have its episodes collected in one package. The series is one of the most popular series on Youtube, and has had over 2 billion views to date.

Happy Tree Friends was created and developed by Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro and Warren Graff, featuring a somewhat jarring juxtaposition of bright and cute animated forest animals with extremely graphic violence. Each episode features humor that hinges on some of the characters suffering through various accidents or physical harm. As expected, this is not a series that you can give as a gift to your young ones.

9 Story Entertainment’s Peg + Cat Gets New Sales

9 Story Entertainment's Peg + Cat Gets New Sales

9 Story Entertainment’s new animated preschool series Peg + Cat has recently inked new sales deals with multiple broadcasters. The new partners for the 80 x 11 series include ABC TV Australia, HOP (Israel), Mini-Mini (Poland) and E-Junior (UAE).

Created by Emmy Award-winning director, animator, and writer Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson, roduced by The Fred Rogers Company and PBS Kids, Peg + Cat focuses on a precocious young girl named Peg and her sidekick, Cat. Together, the duo encounters various problems that can be solved through fun and creativity. Peg + Cat will take young viewers on various adventures to historical, magical, and far away destinations while encouraging kids to learn the magic of numbers.

iOS and Android Gets New Dragon Ball RPG

iOS and Android Gets New Dragon Ball RPG

Good news for Dragon Ball fans who own a tablet device – Namco Bandai has recently posted a preview video revealing a brand new Dragon Ball game for your precious devices. The game is titled Dragon Ball RPG: Shounen Hen and will be a 4-chapter RPG set in the early days of Goku (when he was a pre-teen fighting Demon King Picollo).

Dragon Ball RPG: Shounen Hen will be in 2D and seems to be using a game engine similar to Attack of the Saiyans on the DS, which means top down exploration and turn based fighting. Unfortunately for North American fans, it’s Japanese only (for now, or maybe forever.)

For more details (provided that you understand Japanese,) you can check out the video below:

Upcoming Pokemon Game Will Have Pikachu as a Talking Detective

Upcoming Pokemon Game Will Have Pikachu as a Talking Detective

A few days ago, the Pokemon Company teased a new Pokemon videogame that’s not going to be part of the main series. When they recently unveiled this top secret new game, it became clear why it’s being distanced from the main franchise – because it features the popular electric rodent Pikachu doing something that people won’t expect him to do: talk, and solve mysteries.

The reveal came via the latest episode of “Professional-Style of Work,” which is a show on Japanese TV network NHK. The episode featured Pokemon producer and current CEO of the Pokemon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara revealing the game and Pikachu’s role as the player’s senior detective partner.

NYCC Interview: Chris Wofford talks about AcidFree Gallery Limited Edition Prints

Chris Wofford from AcidFree Gallery and the Sold Out Glow-in-the-Dark Voltron Print by Todd Slater

ToonBarn’s Marc Morrell was on the New York Comic Con Show Floor to talk to Chris Wofford, CEO of AcidFree Gallery, makers of Limited Edition Licensed Prints from franchises such as Transformers, G.I. Joe and Voltron.

AcidFree Gallery's Transformers Foil Prints by Tim Doyle

Chris was also one of the panelists at the Voltron 30th Anniversary Preview Panel because there will be a special 30th Anniversary Voltron Print coming out in January from AcidFree Gallery.

SpongeBob Moves In App Gets a Halloween Update

SpongeBob Moves In App Gets a Halloween Update

Nickelodeon’s hit city-building iOS app based on the Spongebob Squarepants franchise, Spongebob Moves In, has just received a much-needed yet spine-chilling update just in time for Halloween. The brand new update will add new characters, buildings, decorations, recipes, and in-game currency that’s appropriate for the scary occassion.

Of course, updates to the app never happen without a reason, and this time it’s because a gaggle of ghosts have invaded Bikini Bottom in pursuit of a ghoulish dish. This means players are now tasked with conjuring up a Rusty’s Rib Eye Restaurant and guiding Spongebob as he tries to make the infamous ‘Rusty on Rye’ sandwich, along with other eerie recipes demanded by the terrifying guests.

Additional Game Features Include:

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