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Month: July 2014

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic-Con Teaser Will Be Con-Exclusive

If you did not attend the San Diego Comic-Con this year but kept yourself updated through other people’s updates on social media, chances are you’ve managed to catch a clip or two of the Batman v. Superman teaser that was shown to the attendees, and chances are that clip is already gone now after being taken down by the copyright holders or the hosting provider. Turns out you’ll most likely never see that clip again.

Reason: Warner Bros. President of Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, Sue Kroll, has stated that the clip will never be officially released online, as it is meant only for fans dedicated enough to attend the Comic-Con:

New Preview Clip and Gallery from Marvel’s Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United

The last Heroes United, which had Iron Man teaming up with Hulk ended well, but the two heroes had a little bit of friction along the way. Most would chalk it up to the Hulk being highly unstable, but we’re not that quick to absolve Stark of all the blame. He can be obtuse sometimes. And with the new installment of the Heroes United series of films, we might get to see if Stark is really completely free of faults, as there’s no way a conflict will be instigated by his next partner: Mr. Captain America himself, Steve Rogers.

In Marvel’s Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United, Iron Man and Captain America will have to join forces in order to combat the compounded threat of the Red Skull, Taskmaster and an army of Hydra Brutes. The film will feature the voices of Adrian Pasdar and Roger Craig voicing Iron Man and Captain America, respectively. Clancy Brown will also be featured, lending his voice to the villainous Taskmaster.

You can check out a bunch of images, as well as a preview clip below:

Rainmaker Entertainment Promotes Tara Kemes to VP of Culture & Talent

Vancouver-based animation outfit Rainmaker Entertainment has recently promoted Tara Kemes to the newly-created position of Vice President of Culture and Talent, from her former post as Director of Talent Development. Kemes, who originally joined Rainmaker Entertainment in 2009, will be helming the studio’s recruiting efforts while helping develop the unique culture that distinguishes Rainmaker Entertainment from other studios. Kemes will be reporting directly to Rainmaker Entertainment SVP, Production and Operations, Kim Dent Wilder.

WATCH: Teen Titans Go! Clip – Brian

Warner Bros. Animation has just released a new preview clip for the next laughter-packed episode of Teen Titans Go!, titled “Brian.” The episode airs tonight, July 31, at 6:00/5:00c on Cartoon Network.

In “Brian,” The Titans and the Little Buddies join forces in order to throw a surprise party for Birdarang and Beatbox, but the Titans have to leave in order to check out a crime alert. Cyborg asks the Little Buddies to keep the party going while they’re gone, so that they can come back and resume the festivities. Unfortunately, 8 months have passed and the Titans still haven’t returned. The party is still going, though.

WATCH: Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou Animated Short

Ringling College of Art and Design alumni Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon have recently made their award-winning animated short, Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou, available online via Vimeo’s streaming service. The short focuses on Jenkins, who is perpetually unlucky and his direct opposite – the eternally lucky Lou as they run into each other and find out how thrilling it can be to change their routines, as they hurtle down the hills of San Francisco in an ice cream cart. You can watch the video below:

Disney XD Orders Season Two of Avengers Assemble and Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Avengers Assemble was originally greeted by fans with mild distrust, owing to the fact that the series it replaced – Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – was considered as the best animated take on Marvel’s premiere superteam so far. However, Avengers Assemble soon proved that it’s a worthwhile replacement, one that can be considered better by many fans. Disney XD further proves this as they have recently ordered season two of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, along with another season of the new gamma-and-humor-infused series Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

New Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Screenies

Bandai Namco Games has just released a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, this time highlighting two of the pillars of Konoha’s Team7 – the rose among the thorns, Sakura, and the erstwhile mentor, Kakashi.

The screenshots feature the characters in various states of a fight, but worth noting are the ones with Kakashi and Might Guy, as it features a team attack that has both using impressive attacks that take the form of Might Guy’s white tiger and Kakashi’s wolf.

You can view the screenshots after the jump:

Japanese Government to Strengthen Anti-Piracy Campaign

Japan has always been very strict with regard to protecting the copyrights of manga and anime properties, but so far their efforts to pursue pirates were limited to individuals or sites that are operating from within their country.

That’s all going to change soon as the Japanese government, with the help of 15 major anime production outfits and manga publishers, will start a huge online anti-piracy campaign that will result in over 580 foreign sites being sent a takedown notice for manga and anime content that are hosted without the copyright holders’ permission.

Cartoon Network Teases New Miniseries, Over the Garden Wall

Cartoon Network’s comic con slate was jampacked with panels for their current hit shows, but they also provided a sneak peek at an upcoming original miniseries from Patrick McHale (creative director, Adventure Time) that is based on his short Tome of the Unknown.

Titled Over the Garden Wall, the miniseries will feature Elijah Wood and Collin Dean as Wirt and Greg, two characters who are trying to find their way out of a mysterious land with the help of an elderly woodsman and a bluebird named Beatrice. You can check out the behind the scenes video below:

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Features Legend of Zelda-Themed Gear

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to get Monster Hunter 4 once it comes out for the West, Capcom has just released a new footage showing off the characters wearing a very recognizable set of gear: Link’s signature green tunic, the Master Sword, and his bow (I don’t know what it’s officially called – Link’s Bow, perhaps?)

The Legend of Zelda was already introduced to Monster Hunter 4 in Japan last year, but it Capcom did not confirm its inclusion in the Western release at the time. This means this new video is less an introduction of the special Zelda-themed gear but more of a confirmation that yes, it’s making its way to the NA release of Monster Hunter 4. You can check out the video after the jump:

English Trailer for Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Anime Film

FUNimation has just released an English trailer for the Bayonetta: Bloody Fate anime film, which is slated for an October 21 release on Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack. The film is directed by Afro Samurai’s Fuminori Kizaki, and the trailer itself was already shown during Nintendo’s Comic-Con stream. Those of us who weren’t able to attend can catch up by viewing it via Youtube, or below:

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