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Month: September 2014

The Awesome Adventures of Aoi Seeks Funding

Daniel Krohnengold and his creative team is hard at work on a new animated series targeted towards teens and young adults titled “The Awesome Adventures of Aoi.” In order to fund the project, the creators have set up an Indiegogo page and are seeking €11,000 by November 21, 2014, in order to complete the first chapter of the animated program. Funding will go toward the script and storyboard as well as sound effects, animation, voice casting and music lyrics in three languages including: Spanish, English and Japanese.

The Awesome Adventures of Aoi focuses on a young boy named Aoi who witnessed his parents fall sick and die from a sudden, mysterious illness. The main enemy, Yasha, is planning to create a super soldier by kidnapping people, throwing them in cages, and doing all manners of experiments. His first victim is Aoi, who is turned into a creature.

BRB to Present Latest From Invizimals at MIPCOM 2014

BRB Internacional is preparing to take the very latest developments regarding the series Invizimals to the next edition of MIPCOM (October 13-16 at Cannes), which is just ahead of the series’ worldwide debut at the end of this year. The production will feature a first-rate soundtrack interpreted by Latin teen pop sensation Abraham Mateo for the Spanish-language version.

Small Potatoes Franchise Gets Three New Broadcast Deals

Little Airplane Productions has just announced three new deals for their popular Small Potatoes franchise, including a deal that will see the hit animated feature Meet the Small Potatoes air on ABC4Kids in Australia this Saturday, October 4th. The animated special was also acquired by Once in Mexico, which plans to air the feature later this year. Lastly, French language broadcaster TV5 Quebec has acquired the 26 episode regular series for Canada.

Beams to Sell Life-Sized Pikachu Plushie

Japanese clothing chain Beams is getting ready to launch a new Pikachu plush doll that is said to be life-sized. Before you start to wonder whether there’s a real life version of Pikachu, we’re taking it to mean that it measures the same as Pikachu would if it were real (although we have no problems with a Pikachu actually existing. We’re not THAT close-minded, come on.)

9 Story Inks New Deals for Peg + Cat

9 Story Entertainment has recently announced a raft of new deals for their award-winning animated preschool series, Peg + Cat. The 80 x 12 minute series has been licensed to TFO (French-speaking Ontario), Télé-Québec (Quebec), RTP (Portugal) and MBC Kids (UAE). The series originally premiered on PBS Kids in the fall of 2013, where it managed to win 3 Emmy awards, including Outstanding Pre-School Children’s Animation Program.

Extended Preview for Garo: Honoo no Kokuin Anime

An extended preview video has just been released for Garo: Hanoo no Kokuin (The Carved Seal of Flames), which is the anime spin-off of the mature audience-targeted tokusatsu series Garo (more commonly known around these parts as Golden Knight Garo.) The original series will be written by Attack on Titan’s Yasuko Kobayashi and will be directed by Yuichiro Hayashi. The series is scheduled to air this fall.

According to Yasuko Kobayashi, the anime will feature an all new story that is unrelated to any of the characters or stories from the rest of the Garo continuity. The cast includes Daisuke Namikawa as Leon Lewis, Kenyu Horiuchi as Herman Lewis, Katsuhito Nomura as Alfanso SanVariante and Romi Park as Emma Guzman. You can watch the video preview below:

Trailer for Hello Horizon’s Zeth & Zuna

Fresh new UK-based production outfit Hello Horizon is getting ready to present their first series at MIPCOM. Titled “Zeth & Zuna,” the project is a 3D animated kids series written by legendary animation writer Jeffrey Scott. The series proposal consists of 26 x 11 minute episodes and will be co-created and produced by Hello Horizon founders Rajnish Arora and Elyssa Edmonstone.

Described as the adventures of two robot siblings and their robotic animal friends in an enchanting virtual world, Zeth & Zuna uses bright, well-animated characters to show that real life’s various issues can be resolved in creative ways. You can check out the trailer below:

Plug-In Media Inks Deal With Cbeebies for Tee and Mo

After the successful debut of Plug-In Media’s first original IP, Tee and Mo, on the digital platform, the studio is bringing the project to the small screens by inking a deal with Cbeebies, which will see the IP developed into a 50 x 7 animated TV series. The channel has also committed to expanding the brand’s presence in the digital space over the course of two years by offering related content on the Cbeebies website as well as their Youtube channel, online radio station, and in their Storytime App.

Tee and Mo is a 2D animated dual audience show for children and their guardians, focusing on the adventures of a new monkey mum named Mo and her son Tee, as they go through their daily lives.

Victory Arts Inks Deal With TVO for Air Crafters

Victory Arts has just announced the signing of a new development deal with Canada’s TVO for the new animated preschool series Air Crafters. The 52 x 11 series will CG mixed media for its animation, and is created by Victory Arts’ founder and director of creative content, Tero Hollo.

Air Crafters follows the action-packed adventures of Jane, Johnny, and their talented Air Crafter friends. Using stories set in a world full of artistic textures and creativity, the Air Crafters teach preschoolers some much needed problem-solving skills and encourages the development of various talents.

The Legend of Korra Videogame: Behind the Scenes Featurette

With The Legend of Korra’s swan song fast approaching, us Korra fans need to get as much Korra content as possible in as many mediums and platforms available and thankfully, Platinum Games has developed a third person beat ‘em up game adaptation of the series. In order to give fans a glimpse on what went into the game (as well as tease some of the features like minigames that let you compete in bending matches,) the official Playstation Youtube channel has posted a Behind the Scenes featurette. You can watch the video below:

Netflix Gets New Winx Club Spin-Off

Netflix and Rainbow Studios have just announced a new animated series spun-off from the extremely popular Winx Club franchise. Titled “Winx Club WOW: World of Winx,” the new series will be exclusive to Netflix’s service and will be made available to all its supported territories, including France and Germany.

WinX Club WOW has the girls embarking on an undercover journey all over the world as they look for kids with a talent for art, sports, music, and science. The Winx Club fairies are enchanted by these kids’ own kind of magic, but it isn’t long before trouble arrives and a new danger rears its ugly head. It is now up to Bloom and the others to save the day.

Winx Club WOW’s approach to storylines will be more serialized in order to take advantage of Netflix’ on-demand content distribution model. The series is slated for 2 seasons consisting of 13 x 22 minute episodes packed full of Winx Club’s famous mix of magic, friendship, and adventure.

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