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Month: October 2014

New Trailer for Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

The Pokemon Company’s Japanese Youtube channel has posted a new promo trailer for the upcoming remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The new trailer seems to leverage the fact that it’s a remake of the Gameboy Advance installments, as it devotes a few moments of the trailer to banking on the GBA nostalgia. Afterwards, the trailer goes straight to the overview of the new features, such as the Mega Evolutions, the Pikachu Dress-up, the Secret Bases, and more.

You can check out the trailer below:

Clips: Mike Tyson Mysteries – Ultimate Judgment Day

If you’ve ever wondered how the former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, fares when solving problems with his wits instead of his fists (well, solving problems with his wits first then fists afterwards, to be more precise.) you have to tune in to the animated series Mike Tyson Mysteries, where the iconic athlete tries to lend his help in solving some mysteries, with the help of his adopted teenager daughter, the ghost of the Marquess of Queensberry, and an alcoholic carrier pigeon.

Warner Bros. Animation has released a bunch of new clips for the next episode, which airs on Monday, November 3, at 10:30 PM on Adult Swim. Titled “Ultimate Judgment Day,” the episode has Mike Tyson’s services being sought by someone at a well-known computer company. However, their mission gets complicated when they get stuck in the middle of a highly publicized chess match between a supercomputer and Garry Kasparov.

You can check out the clips below:

Warner to Release ThunderCats: The Complete Series Next Month

Fans of the 2011 reimagining of ThunderCats should leave a space free on their shelves, as Warner Archive Collection will be releasing an all-new Blu-Ray edition of ThunderCats: The Complete Series on November 11, 2014. ThunderCats: The Complete Series will contain all 26 episodes in stunning 1080p HD, which means you get to see all the colorful action the way it was meant to be seen.

Norm of the North Adds Four New Voices to its Cast

Splash Entertainment has recently announced several new additions to the voice cast list of the upcoming animated family feature, Norm of the North. The new additions include Bill Nighy (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Pirates of the Caribbean franchise), Gabriel Iglesias (The Nut Job, Planes), Colm Meaney (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Free Birds) and Michael McElhatton (Game of Thrones, Shadowdancer.)

9 Story’s Guess How Much I Love You Gets New International Deals

Fresh off a successful MIPCOM 2014 presentation, 9 Story Media Group has recently announced new multiple sales for the endearing preschool series Guess How Much I Love You: The Adventures of Nutbrown Hare. The 52 x 11 series has been acquired by JCC for the Middle East, Chello for Central Europe, and RUV for Island. The series was also renewed for a second season.

Pokemon Omega Ruby + Alpha Sapphire Dual Pack Comes With In-Game Bonus

Most Pokemon fans are content with just owning Omega ruby or Alpha Sapphire, and just gaining the exclusive Pokemon from the other title through trading (or through hacking, if it ever became possible.) However, those of you who live on the completionist side of the fence will be glad to know that Nintendo has announced plans to release a Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Dual Pack in North America. And they’re rewarding you by including an incentive by way of an in-game bonus if you get the dual pack.

Review: Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

Last October 7th, Shout! Factory released Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart for home video, via a Blu-Ray Combo pack that includes a DVD and a Digital copy as well. The French animated film might not be come with as much prestige as one would expect from CG animated features that came from the major studios, but its roots are by no means less impressive – Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart is based on the concept album from French rock band Dionysos and the illustrated novel La Mecanique du Coeur, which is written by the band’s lead singer Mathias Malzieu. Produced by Luc Besson’s company, the film also features stunning voicework from Les Miserables’ Samantha Barks and The Game of Thrones’ Michelle Fairley.

Warner Looking for Wonder Woman Director

When it comes to news regarding upcoming comic book movies, we used to get hiring of directors revealed first and then the stars afterwards. DC’s Wonder Woman is one of the not-so-rare exceptions. We’re only getting news that Warner is looking for a director now, even though Gal Gadot has locked in the lead role for some time (despite the massive and IMO unwarranted complaints about her not fitting the role.)

New Promo for Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Trunks’ Travel Edition

We’re still a long way away from Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s February 2015 release, but Bandai Namco Games doesn’t want you to rest on your laurels because there is a very slim (none, actually) chance that you’ll forget about the game’s existence – so they released a new promo video.

The new promo showcases the “Trunks’ Travel Edition” for the consoles, which will come packed with a Trunks Master Stars Piece 25cm figure with exclusive coloring. As for pre-order bonuses, you can expect a Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta playable character as well as two exclusive Frieza Soldier’s Battle Suites for your avatar if you shell out money in advance.

You can check out the video below:

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