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Author: Artherax

I'm 21,
currently animating projects for fun on youtube.
love anime and cartoons and have a real passion for them.
My dream is to succeed in making my book series into a tv show

Where art thou, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

Where art thou, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien has been phenomenal. So far, over here in the UK, we’ve seen the complete first series with brand new aliens such as Waterhazard, Terraspin, Nrg, Armadrillo, Raad and many more, plus we’ve seen new ultimate forms of Ben’s alien force aliens and some of his originals too, like Ultimate Wildmutt. But the question on every Ben 10 fan’s mind is …When will new episodes air?

Pokemon Hits The U.K. with Black & White Fever

Pokemon Hits The U.K with Black & White Fever

Pokemon Black & White first hit UK airwaves in February 2011, leaving fans disappointed – not because it wasn’t good, but because there were only two episodes. Now, UK fans can rejoice as we can expect to see Pokemon Black & White back on our TVs in June. Starting June 4th, CiTV will air two episodes of the new series at 11.00 am on Saturdays and Sundays bringing a whole new generation of UK fans into the Pokemon world. Pokemon Black and White is set to be the biggest change in the franchise, featuring Ash’s new design, Team Rocket’s return with a new darker tone, and brand new cities, gyms, and Pokemon direct from the Pokemon Black and Pokemon White video games. But what can we expect? Will this be a must-see toon?

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