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Batman: Hush blu-ray released today; Exclusive Production Crew Interviews

Yesterday, we shared our Exclusive ToonBarn Interviews with the voice cast of Batman: Hush, the latest DC Universe Animated movie from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Today, with the release of the 4KUltraHD Blu-ray combo pack in stores everywhere, we are sharing our exclusive interviews with the production crew, including James Tucker (Executive Producer) & Justin Copeland (Director), Phil Bourassa (Character Designer), and Ernie Altbacker (Screenwriter).

Keep reading after the interviews, because we’ll give more details on what’s included in the Blu-ray release and when Batman: Hush will be available on the DC Universe Subscriber Service.

James Tucker (Executive Producer) & Justin Copeland (Director)
Phil Bourassa (Character Designer)
Ernie Altbacker (Screenwriter)

For those of you who are members of the DC Universe Subscriber Service, you’ll be happy to know that Batman: Hush will premiere on the DC Universe on August 13th.

As for those of you who love the bonus content on the blu-rays, if you liked the DC Showcase shorts and you’re a fan of Bruce Timm‘s work, they’re both back! Included with Batman: Hush is:

Sgt. RockKarl Urban voices the main character. Imagine if classic movie monsters joined the military as a commando team. Bruce Timm is the Director of this short.

Other bonus material includes a first look at:

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines – Rosario Dawson returns as Diana Prince in a Wonder Woman tour-de-force that includes her own rogues gallery of villains, like Giganta, Doctor Poison, Silver Swan, and way more than you’ve ever seen in one film.

There’s also a featurette:

“Batman: Love in Time of War” – examines Batman’s long-standing relationship with Catwoman. And to add to that:

“Catwalk” episode from Batman: The Animated Series is also a special feature.

There’s also a behind-the-scenes story on Batman: Assault on Arkham, which is still one of our favorite Suicide Squad stories.

Oh, and you’ll get to see the trailer for the live-action JOKER, starring Joaquin Phoenix, which tells an origin story for the #1 Batman villain.

For our money, Batman: Hush is an adaptation of the Jeff Loeb/Jim Lee graphic novel that hits all the right notes for the continuity of the DC Universe animated movies, and we thoroughly enjoyed watching it with all the DC fans at the SDCC World Premiere.

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