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Nolan names Batman 3 The Dark Knight Rises

Nolan names Batman 3 The Dark Knight Rises

First, Batman Began. Then, he was vilified as the Dark Knight. What’s next? The Dark Knight Rises, of course! Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. have finally come forward to offer the title of the next film in the Batman film franchise. Formally known only as “Batman 3”, the super hero film due out on July 20th 2012 will now be known as The Dark Knight Rises. According to sources over at MightyGeek, we also know who the villain wont be – the Riddler! Sure, that’s not as cool as solid details on who Bruce Wayne will be fighting while in his super cape, but we’re willing to wait patiently. And maybe not so patiently. The made-for-IMAX film is still early into development, but everyone is already excited to see how the Caped Crusader will kick butt again!

[Source: MightyGeek]

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  1. man this is intense i love watching these movies and the second is my all time favorite cant wait to see who it is >_<

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