Beyblade Burst gets third season, real life World Championship

2018 is going to be a big year for Beyblade. Takara Tomy’s spinning top brand is going to be bolstered by a new season of the Beyblade Burst television series, as well as a real life World Championship.

First up is a new season of Beyblade Burst. Set to premiere on April 2nd in Japan on TV Tokyo, Beyblade Burst Chōzetsu (unofficially translated as “Super Z”) will see lead character Valt take a back seat as new protagonist Aiga Akaba will take centre stage. He’ll be joined by his rival Fubuki Sumie, Rantaro’s cousin Ranjiro Kiyama, and returning character Lui Shirasagi. OLM will continue to animate the series. Hiro Morita’s ongoing Beyblade Burst manga series in CoroCoro Comic will also embark on this new chapter.

Takara Tomy will release a new series of Beyblade tops that emphasize metal.

Beyblade Burst originally debuted in 2016. Sunrights has released the anime series in western markets and the second season, Beyblade Burst Evolution (known as Beyblade Burst God in Japan), is currently airing on Disney XD in the United States, as well as Disney XD and both English and French feeds of Teletoon in Canada. The third generation of Beyblade has also aired on Pop Max in the United Kingdom, 9Go! in Australia, Disney Channel in South East Asia, and TVNZ in New Zealand. The series is also available to stream on Netflix and YouTube.

Hasbro, SUNRIGHTS, d-rights and Takara Tomy are partnering up to showcase the best real Beybladers in the world. The Beyblade World Tour will have those aged 8 to 13 can compete in national events being hosted around the globe between April to September. The World Championship will be held at the Kidexpo in Paris on November 3, 2018.

Beyblade is a global phenomenon, earning a dedicated following of passionate and enthusiastic fans who enjoy the competition, strategy, skill and fun,” said Tom Warner, the senior VP of marketing at Hasbro. “We’re excited to bring our Beyblade fans from around the world together at the World Championship, and look forward to celebrating the competition as we search for the ultimate Beyblade Burst master.”

Prior generations of Beyblade also saw world tournaments, including the original event that occured in 2004 in Houston, Texas and 2012’s championship held in Toronto, Canada.

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