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Ben 10 vs Generator Rex, who will win?

Ben 10 versus Generator Rex, who will win?

Friday. November 25th. 7pm. Cartoon Network. Four quick phrases that mean big business: the day after Thanksgiving here in the U.S.! … well, ok, sure, there’s some gobble gobble, but that’s not the MOST important part. It’s also Black Friday, the biggest shopping sale … of… the… OK OK, seriously, let’s get to the real deal: Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United! The hour-long special event of out-of-this-world proportions! Ben Tennyson and Rex, two heroic teenagers from Man of Action Studios, team up to save the world — both of their worlds! Will you be there to see the battle? And who will win?

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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex Crossover
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex Crossover

In the midst of battle, Ben 10 is dragged into a dimensional rift and sent spiraling to a strange alternate world where microscopic nanites infect every living creature on the planet: the world of Generator Rex! Are Ben’s alien transformations any match for Rex’s power builds? Who is the mysterious villain threatening to take them down? And can they unite in time to keep both of their worlds from being destroyed? Tune in to find out!

Heroes United poster
Heroes United poster

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  1. Breanna belcher Breanna belcher

    I love Ben ten he can transform into ten aliens.

  2. victor victor

    i think ben10 will win because ben has the ominitrix so that he would have the advantage to destroy rex

  3. daNIEL daNIEL

    ben 10 is better than rex because ben have omnitrex were is the most powerful things in the universe.

  4. omar omar

    ben 10 win in this match

  5. Black Cat Black Cat

    I think BEN 10 = REX because they are the best heros in all times.
    Oh Yeh

  6. amadeus amadeus

    Ben can win because he can use loadstar to magnetise rexs mechanic parts

  7. Kramlien Kramlien

    of course rex will win he can hack the omnitrex and shut it down rex is more machine and technology compare to lefthanded omnitres FUNNY PEOPLE

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