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Dreams by the Yard Full on Cartoon Network’s Pokemon: Black & White

Dreams by the Yard Full on Cartoon Network's Pokemon: Black & White

Take a look at what’s up to bat in the latest episode of Pokémon: Black & White, “Dreams by the Yard Full”, where Ash continues to battle for his first Unova Gym Badge! But with new challenges arising by the minute (like the three brothers in the Striaton City Gym, and Team Rocket’s attempt to collect future energy) it’s up to Ash, his Pocket Monsters, and the work of Dr. Fennel to explore the world of Pokemon dreams. And let’s not forget, there’s a whole Pokemon Black and White Nintendo DS giveaway going on!! So enter for your chance to win, and toon in to Cartoon Network the morning of Saturday, March 12th, at 9am

(not in English, but… you’ll get the point!)

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