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DreamWorks Animation’s Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

DreamWorks Animation's Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

So, imagine you live in a fantastical Viking world, where there are Firebreathing dragons, scaly dragons, big dragons, small dragons, the whole bit. And you go you’re entire life battling these dragons until, one day, you realize you’re both on the same side, with a common enemy of this massive dinosaurian dragon. Well, what if then your one-legged weaponsmith Gobber tells you about a new type of dragon, The Boneknapper? We’d believe him, but for whatever reason, the rest of the village folk in DreamWorks Animation’s mini sequel to How to Train Your Dragon, Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon, don’t! The 15 minute CG followup featuring Hiccup and company is included in the DVD and Blu-ray versions of the longer film, but replays occasionally on Cartoon Network. And with bits of traditional animation mixed with features like a Hammerhead Yak riding a Hammerhead whale, how could you not want to catch it?


Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

Gobber's parents

Boneknapper Dragon chase

Boneknapper attack

Boneknapper Dragon flashback

Boneknapper Dragon Gobber

Boneknapper fire

Hammerhead Salute

Hammerhead Yak

Hammerhead Yak Boneknapper Dragon

Hammerhead Yak Hammerhead Whale

Hiccup group

How to Thor your Dragon

Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

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