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Ultimate Spidermonkey, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Ultimate Spidermonkey, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien is like an enhanced version of Ben 10 and Ben 10 Alien force. And, with that logic in place, it’s easy to see how the aliens and various forms Ben can transfer into have become enhanced, themselves. How? The power of the Ultrimatrix, the new series’ upgraded Omnitrix. Through that, we’ve seen Ultimate Swampfire, Utlimate Humongousaur, Ultimate Cannonbolt, Ultimate Big Chill, and Ultimate Echo Echo. Now, we get a look at Ultimate Spidermonkeya gorilla-like form with four spider arm/legs coming from the back of him to provide him mobility due to his shrunken legs. In this state, Ultimate Spidermonkey can shoot webs from his mouth.

Ultimate Spidermonkey, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

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oh and buy the way anyone see ultamate wild mutt hes ok? but the worst is ultamate cannon bolt hes a compleate coapy of the old so what spikes and hes metal who cares its the same

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