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Gormitti Proves to be a Success On and Off the Small Screen

Giochi Preziosi and Planeta Junior have recently announced that their Gormiti toys achieved a great success, ever since it first launched in late 2018. During the period of October to December 2018, the Gormiti brand became the #1 brand choice in Action Figures & Accessories category. It is the property that best performed in terms of turnover during Christmas, and managed to snag best new ...


Take a look at the new Gormiti

Last fall, the new Gormiti animated series was revealed at MIPCOM. The Italy-Spain co-production is set to return to Cannes for MIPTV next week and we’ve got your first look at the new show: When four kids discover the hidden One Tower it is as if all their heroic dreams suddenly became reality. Together with the One Tower they had also found the Elemental ...

Giochi Preziosi Group works with Fipo Group Aps for Gormiti-styled apparel

Giochi Preziosi Group works with Fipo Group Aps for Gormiti-styled apparel

The Invincible Lords of Nature are making their way to becoming the Invincible Lords of T-Shirts! They’ve conquered the world of action figures, video games, and trading card games, and now they’re honing in on clothing lines. Giochi Preziosi Group is working together with a company called Fipo Group Aps (aka Fipotex) to create a whole new line of Gormiti-related apparel. Included ...

Gormiti SuperSite launches at ToonBarn

Gormiti SuperSite launches at ToonBarn

We’ve been adding a number of SuperSites to ToonBarn over the past few months. SuperSites, for those not in the know, are homepage-like sections of ToonBarn that focus on a specific cartoon. There’s one for Batman, one for Ben 10 which includes Ben 10 and Ben 10 Alien Force, there’s one for Pokemon, one for SpongeBob SquarePants, one for Winx Club, one for the Total Drama ...

Gormiti: The Lords of Nature hits Nintendo Wii and Nintend DS

Gormiti: The Lords of Nature hits Nintendo Wii and Nintend DS

Konami is bringing Gormiti fans with a Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS a treat; their upcoming Gormiti: The Lords of Nature video game. The game recently made its first appearance at Toy Fair 2010, in Germany. The game is targeting a fall release this year, using characters and locations from Marathon and Giochi Prezios’s animated TV series, recreating the island of Gorm. There, the Lords ...


Gormiti figures big in demand for the holidays

A few days ago, we asked you what you were most hoping for this holiday season. A number of you have since responded with your various wish list items, ranging from toon-specific video games to toon-specific dolls. However, one specific item has made itself known both in your responses as well as reports around the globe: Gormiti is in! The property that has become a world-wide sensation is ...


Gormiti rocks Cartoon Network and toy shelves

Marathon Media’s animated series Gormiti is now a fixture on Cartoon Network in the US, but that’s not all there is to know about the property! Playmates Toys and Giochi Preziosi will unveil a brand new line of collectible figures and accessories based on the toon, and they should be circulating their way into stores earlier next year. So what will you be able to get your hands on? ...

Gormiti, the Lords of Nature

Gormiti, The Lords of Nature Return

Zodiak Entertainment is now fully signed on to a number of different outlets and networks for its animated series, Gormiti, The Lords of Nature Return. The series is about 4 kid adventurers, who discover the Gorm, an alternate dimension. After realizing that the Gorm is being threatened with danger, the group soon realizes that Earth is linked to the new dimension — meaning to save ...

Gormiti, the Lords of Nature

Gormiti: the Lords of Nature Return travels world wide

Marathon International wants to reward Gormiti: the Lords of Nature Return fans in Europe. The Marathon Media and Giochi Preziosi co-produced series, which is based on Gormiti action figures, will appear on M6 and Canal J in France, Mediaset in Italy, RTL2 in Germany, Nick Toons in the UK, Alter Channel in Greece, Digiturk in Turkey, Noga in Israel, and MBC in the Middle East. ...

Gormiti, the Lords of Nature

Gormiti, the Lords of Nature Return

Gormiti is a popular line of action-figures available in a few European countries, including France and Italy.  With their recent success, they’re now creating an animated series based on the successful toy line — which is typically the reverse of how deals go in the States.  The series is slated to be called Gormiti, the Lords of Nature Return and will follow the adventures of 4 ...

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