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As the animated classic on Comedy Central, follow Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Butters, Token, Jimmy and the rest in the town of South Park

South Park Cartoons tribute to Wrestlemania, from to

South Park Cartoons tribute to Wrestlemania XXVI

Whether you’re a fan of John Cena, Edge, Jericho, Batista, Kyle, Kenny, Stan, or Cartman, it doesn’t matter because you’re… hey, wait, what? Yeah, I guess it sometimes is a weird mix to see your favorite WWE wrestling stars mixed in with the world of cartoons. It was only a few months ago that we dug up the old footage of Bret Hart on The Simpsons as the legendary wrestler returned to WWE RAW. But adding that, along with Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling, and now South Park’s tribute to the art of wrestling, and you can see things are taking over! And all in time for Wrestlemania XXVI tonight! So, who is it going to be, Shawn Michaels or the Undertaker? Triple H or Sheamus? Cartman or Butters? You decide!

South Park season 14

South Park season 14

South Park kicked off a brand new year last night, airing the first episode of season 14. The Comedy Central series has been going strong since the mid 90s, lampooning numerous celebrities and recent events, and reaching a point of fame where even The Simpsons has to tip its hat in honor. This year, producers promise to bring Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman to all new adventures across their small, animated Colorado town, as the show races towards it’s 200th episode, set to run in April. Anyone catch the new episode last night?

The Simpsons meet South Park

The Simpsons meet South Park

In the 20+ years that the Simpsons have been on the air, they have done countless parodies of other TV shows, movies, celebrities, news situations, and so one. However, its rare that they’ll actually spoof another cartoon! Few honors have taken place over the years, including The Critic, The Flintstones, and Family Guy. In a recent episode, The Simpsons did a take on one of the other most popular and long-lasting animated series on TV today, South Park, with Bart, Milhouse, Ralph, and Nelson standing in for Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Cartman. Take a look at the clip in action below to see TV animation history!

The Blah Girls

Blah Girls

Blah Girls is an animated web series featuring a group of teen girls who gossip and gap and rip on pop culture icons like Britney Spears, SpongeBob, Hannah Montana, and others.  The series, which mostly stars Britney,Krystle, and Tiffany, is animated in a simple PowerPuff or South Park-like fashion, which happens to animate really easily on the web.  MySpace is currently promoting the second season of the series, but reports have said there’s a brand new third season starting up early next year!

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