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Cartoon Network reinvents the 1980s ThunderCats toon, with Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, WilyKit, WilyKat, Mumm-Ra, Snarf, and the Sword of Omens

Warner to Release ThunderCats: The Complete Series Next Month

Fans of the 2011 reimagining of ThunderCats should leave a space free on their shelves, as Warner Archive Collection will be releasing an all-new Blu-Ray edition of ThunderCats: The Complete Series on November 11, 2014. ThunderCats: The Complete Series will contain all 26 episodes in stunning 1080p HD, which means you get to see all the colorful action the way it was meant to be seen.

Rick and Morty and Space Dandy – How These Two Shows Saved Animation in 2014.


It Feels Great to be back here, and I want to talk about two shows that really has helped me love animation once more…

If you are not watching these shows, something is missing in your brain right now.

Rick and Morty turns everything on its ear, hasn’t had a bad episode yet,(but some of its fans felt some of the episodes ran slow) and how it talks about existence in the first parts of the second decade of this millennium is not only on point – it’s downright scary.

While in Space Dandy, Watanabe and his guest directors (many of his guest ranges from Otomo and Yuasa) changes the way the plot is handled – and sometimes the animation and the backgrounds are the story.

These two series have revived a fire in this reviewer and historian (and budding producer and writer, let’s not forget those,) who’s also been beyond disappointed with the way certain series have been handled. I will explain that too – because it’s become a joke that these people are still slumming around making money over others that have the talent and the will.

Those jokes have ended, and the ratings (at times), the Critics (from the net to print) and the fans of animation are no longer going to take it lying down.

Arthur Rankin, Jr Has passed away (1924 – 2014)

It is with the heaviest of hearts – that I bring this news. One of the greatest animation producers, Arthur Rankin, Jr – passes at his home in Bermuda. He was 89.

The Grandson Of Henry Davenport – Mr. Rankin got his start in as part of the early years of the ABC network, as graphic designer and set designer. He and Jules Bass created Videocraft International (which later became Rankin Bass Productions), and did work on  “The New Adventures of Pinocchio” which was animated in Japan, and another series “Tales of the Wizard of Oz” done in Canada.

This lead into the first of the Christmas Specials, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on NBC in 1956 (before it became a CBS Mainstay). It became so popular –  Frosty the Snowman was made (animated in 1961, but didn’t air until 1968 on CBS) and several others came between the mid 60’s to the very late 70’s.

Postscript for the “Thunderian Series”

Note: If you Missed any of the other works in the series including the recent one dealing with Toonami: here they are:

ToonBarn Interview: Thundercats Voice Actors and Writer

ToonBarn Interviews Thundercats Voice Actors and Writer, including Larry Kenney, Peter Newman, Gerrianne Raphael, and Leonard Starr

Over the last few weeks, I have been really lucky to have connected with some of the main players in the Original Thundercats series that aired from 1985-1989. In the 80’s, Thundercats was so popular that it had become the #1 rated cartoon in over 30 television markets in the United States.

Recently, Thundercats was re-booted as a new series, with different animation, different writers, and different voice actors, for the Cartoon Network. This resurgence of interest in Thundercats would never have occurred if it hadn’t been for the huge impact that was attributed to each of the people we will be talking about in this article.

The first 3 people I interviewed at RetroCon were the original voice actors for characters like Lion-O, Tygra, and Pumyra, but friends know them as Larry Kenney, Peter Newman, and Gerrianne Raphael.  The 4th person we will have is the Head Writer and Developer of the Series Bible, Leonard Starr. This portion was not a video interview, but a text interview that we were permitted to re-print for you here.

RetroCon Debuts With Thundercats Voice Actors

RetroCon Logo

RetroCon: a toy and nostalgia-oriented convention in south-east Pennsylvania, debuted for the first time on Veterans Day, November 11, 2012, to huge crowds at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

RetroCon focused mainly around classic toys of the 80’s, but also spotlighted were the movies, the video games, the cartoons, the fads… you get the idea. It’s all Retro!

RetroCon was a major toy show with lots of fun, a Back To the Future Delorean for fans to check out, a costume contest, a display of replica movie/cartoon props, several retro arcade games, and more!

Thundercats – What Lies Above Part 2

Thundercats – What Lies Above Part 2

Warner Bros. Entertainment has just released 2 new clips for this week’s episode of Thundercats, which is actually the 2nd part of the season finale. Entitled “What Lies Above”, the 2nd part finds the Thundercats locked in battle with Mumm-Ra’s forces in Avista city, as both sides vie for the Tech Stone. In the heat of battle, Lion-O finds himself betrayed by a trusted ally.

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