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5 Classic Cartoon Characters Forgotten Facts

Many may think that they are quite familiar with Goofy, Mickey and other popular cartoon characters but the truth is, a lot of cartoon characters have changed from their original design, through time.

5. Tom and Jerry were once called Jasper and Jinx

During his first appearance in 1941 Puss Gets the Boot, Mammy Two Shoes called Tom, Jasper. While Jerry was unnamed in the movie, William Hannah, the creator said that Jinx was the original name of the mouse. The name Tom and Jerry was suggested by an MGM animator but others also say that World War II inspired the names, as the British soldiers were called Tommies while the Germans were called Jerries. In fact, Tom’s name is Thomas. Mammy called Tom ‘Thomas’ in the second episode The Midnight Snack.

4. Smurfette was originally a brunette

Smurfs were all male in the beginning – or genderless blue creatures. However, Gargamel, the evil sorcerer created a female Smurf and sends her off to the village to trick and seduce the Smurfs. But she didn’t impress them and she just ends up crying and repenting. So, Papa Smurf makes her blonde and after the makeover, she was accepted as one of their own. It appears that Smurfs prefer blondes than brunettes.

3. Mickey Mouse was not really a role model for children


In fact, Mickey was not even a role model for adults. In 1928’s Plane Crazy, his first produced film, Mickey basically forced Minnie to kiss him while on an airplane ride. Minnie ends up jumping off the plane in order to prevent more advances from Mickey.

In his second film The Galloping Gaucho, Mickey watches Minnie dance for other men in a bar as he drinks beer and laughs. In his early films, Mickey enjoys abusing other animals. In the film Plane Crazy, Mickey uses a dog as a motor and vehemently removes the feathers of a peacock to use as a tail for his 2nd airplane. He also tortures a goat, a cat and a duck and use them as musical instruments in the film Steamboat Willie.

2. Olive Oyl was a penniless single mother

Olive Oyl had a cameo appearance in Somewhere In Dreamland in 1936, which was produced by the same studio which created the Popeye cartoons. Olive appears as a single mother during the Great Depression with 2 children and living in poverty. While the character was called Mother in the movie, she has the same physical appearance and has the same customary clothes of Olive Oyl. She has thin body, large feet, no breasts, and is voiced by Mae Questel, the same actress who voiced Olive Oyl in Popeye.

1. Goofy had a wife – a human wife

In early 1950’s, Goofy was called George Geef in most cartoons and he had a wife and child. Although the face of Goofy’s wife is not shown, it can be assumed that she is a human and not a dog-like creature. In 1951’s The Cold War, she is shown with five fingers instead of four. Also, female characters in Goofy cartoons are illustrated as regular women without dog features. She also has normal human hair, as seen in Father’s Weekend.

Goofy’s wife doesn’t have the finest reputation in town, as suggested in the 1953’s Father’s Day Off. In the movie, it is shown that she receives kisses from the milkman regularly, as well as from the laundry man and the grocery store man while Goofy is away. This is probably the reason why the wife disappeared in later cartoons without explanation and in A Goofy Movie in 1995, it is inferred that she died.

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