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Marvel introduces Miles Morales as the new Ultimate Spider-Man

Marvel introduces Miles Morales as the new Ultimate Spider-Man

Sorry Peter Parker, there’s a new Spider-Man in town! Sure, OK, Spidey’s already been replaced on Broadway, and Spider-Man will soon have a new lead in theaters, but that doesn’t mean Marvel can’t do the same with their comic book line, Ultimate Spider-Man! In the latest issue to hit the stands, the Disney-owned company finally debuts the man behind the mask: Miles Morales. Take a look at the all new Web Head, in his all new suit … and part of his all new comic book, and let us know what you think! …with all new thoughts!

Ultimate Spider-Man 1
Cover to the all new Ultimate Spider-Man 1
Miles Morales as the new Ultimate Spider-Man
Miles Morales as the new Ultimate Spider-Man

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  1. Nathan Nathan

    They can’t do that! Not that I have anything against Disney, because I truly do like Disney. But I had a bad feeling when Disney bought Marvel.

  2. Thomas Thomas

    Don’t worry too much. They only killed Peter in the ultimate universe. In the normal 616 universe, Peter is alive and well.

  3. Thomas Thomas

    Also Disney may have bought Marvel but they left all comic matters to marvel, so the decision to kill Peter and replace him in the ultimate universe was totally a Marvel idea.

  4. Nathan Nathan

    O.K., thanks for telling me.

  5. Ben Ben

    You know what I’d rather have seen instead of bringing in a new Spider-Man? Them using the Ultimate Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew, a clone of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe) and make her the new hero.


    That fanboys now are the editors…and all goes wrong…

    I know this is ultimate, but the reasons to become Spiderman in some latino-black-nerd boy is just for the sells…I mean, did they need to kill Ultimate Peter Parker?…

    But, don’t get to confortable, because PP would be soon in charge….

    PS: Did you notice that Miles Morales is a double M? Like Peter Parker?….

  7. dgvdfh uhds hud dgvdfh uhds hud

    esta es una puta idea el nuevo spiderman es una copia similar a la verdadera
    peter parker es el primero y bseguira siendo el mejor disney lo aruino
    no lo hubieran matado puta disney

  8. dgvdfh uhds hud dgvdfh uhds hud

    puto disney peter parker te

  9. David David

    Screw them, this really pisses me off. Peter Parker was awesome and was my favorite superhero. They can’t do this. I know it’s not there fault but my respect for marvel has dropped so much. Disney too. I’m a big fan but since I’m on a rant I can’t help blaming Donald glover for this as well…

  10. David David

    And even though it’s just ultimate spiderman I’m still a little angry that he died why couldnt they just make miles morales and no one gets hurt. I liked ultimate spiderman he was cool. I’m just glad that the amazing spiderman isn’t dead, if they ever kill him I will be PISSED… To be honest I wouldn’t mind miles morales if they didn’t kill Peter Parker p.s. i like his costume, it’s pretty badass

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