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Toy Story 3 brings Oscars to Pixar

Toy Story 3 brings Oscars to Pixar

During last night’s 83rd Annual Academy Awards, Disney’s Toy Story franchise yet again proved it’s power in the world of cinema, as the latest sequel, Toy Story 3, brought home Oscar gold! While the film had to settle for just a nomination in “the big award,” Best Picture, Toy Story 3 did dominate the Best Animated Feature category, sending Lee Unkrich to the stage. Randy Newman, long time composer for Pixar’s CG films, was also honored for Toy Story 3’s song “We Belong Together.” It was the second time Newman received such an honor, having previously won a decade ago for Monsters, Inc.

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  1. Chris Chris

    Why do I like this page if I click on “like” on the Pokemon B&W contest page?

  2. Jazzy Jazzy

    Wooo! I was so hoping that TS3 would win best picture! Congrats Pixar! You’ve got a friend in me ;D

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