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Dragonball FighterZ Unveils Broly Trailer

Ever since Bandai Namco revealed the first two DLC characters for Dragonball FighterZ to be Bardock and Broly, fans have been clamoring for more details. While Bamco has kept mum about the release date, they did release a couple of extremely short, and soundless teaser clips for the two characters. As expected, it was not enough for fans.

…and it will never be. Nothing short of an actual release will satiate the loyal dragonball fans especially after they’ve seen how good the FighterZ is in action. But in the meantime, Bandai Namco has released a proper trailer showcasing the bulky, beefy legendary super saiyan, Broly. You can watch it below, if you are into that sort of thing:

There’s still no word on release dates, and we believe we’ll get the trailer for Bardock first before any concrete release dates are announced. Doesn’t matter, though. We just want the DLCs to be released. Get on it, Bamco.

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