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Dragonball Z Fans Are Making a Kick-Ass Fighting Game

One thing about 2D fighting games based on Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise is that many of the games are not really good fighting games – they’re great Dragonball games, mind you, but they tend to lose a lot of charm if judged solely on their merits as 2D fighters.

If you’re wondering what a real 2D Dragonball fighting game should look like, Team Z2 recently posted a video for a fan-made game titled “Hyper Dragonball Z,” which shows exactly what a kick-ass 2D Dragonball Z fighting game from the 16 and 24-bit era would have looked like. You can check out the video for yourself:

Now, this is not a mock video presentation but an actual playable game using the 2D Fighting game creator MUGEN. The game isn’t finished yet, but Team Z2 has already posted a sample over at the Youtube page. The sample is fully playable and contains 3 finished fighters (Goku, SSJ Goku, Vegeta) and 2 rushed/joke characters (Mr. Satan, Saibaimen). You can spend some time fiddling with the game, but keep in mind that the CPU player will destroy you. Changing the difficulty settings to the lowest won’t matter. You might want to wait for the actual release if you need CPU AI that you can beat.


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