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New Dragon Ball FighterZ Update Adds Co-Op Mode

Fighting game fans will be treated to a new free Dragon Ball FighterZ update this week via a new balance patch. The list of changes is too lengthy to detail here, so you can go directly to Bandai Namco’s patch list. Where they can see which characters got buffed and which ones got the nerf bat. The big deal about the patch is the addition of two new modes, FighterZ Cup and Party Battle.

FighterZ Cup is a monthly competition where players can fight and collect points for their respective Z-Unions. Pretty much intended for players who love pitting themselves against the rest of the player base.

The more interesting mode is Party Battle, which allows human players to team-up and fight against fearsome bosses. It’s a co-op raid mode. This mode should be a boon for players who prefer fighting AI over human opponents, but still want to interact with their fellow players.

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