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New Dragon Ball Super Video Offers Glimpse of Universe Survival Tournament Competitors

Despite the rough start (no thanks to subpar animation concerns in the early episodes), Dragon Ball Super has already gained the momentum, and has been running for more than seventy episodes consisting of several story arcs (including the adrenaline-pumping Black Goku arc), but it seems that everything so far is meant to build up the battle between the 12 realms, which is handled via the Universe Survival Arc that’s been scheduled for February 5th.

There are bits and pieces floating all over the web as to the members of Universe 7’s team (including the return of Android 17, as well as renewed attention given to Krillin, Picollo, and Gohan as frontline fighters.) However, the warriors of the other universes (outside of Universe 6) have been a complete mystery, until now.

In a new brief video floating around, we get a glimpse of several fighters from the other realms, with the standout being a female super saiyan that bears a striking resemblance to Broly when transformed. We also see the Gods of Destruction of the other universes, including one that looks like a clown (the deadly kind, not the lame annoying kind.)

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