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Fox Reveals Plans for Fantastic Four and Daredevil Reboot

Fox Reveals Plans for Fantastic Four and Daredevil Reboot

It seems that the recent box office successes of superhero films such as The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-man finally woke 20th Century Fox and made them remember that they’re still sitting on two [previously failed] Marvel franchises, namely Fantastic Four and Daredevil, as the studio has recently announced plans for a reboot of both comic book franchises.

Fantastic Four is the first of the two that will arrive, with Chronicle director Josh Trank set to begin production as soon as The Wolverine and X-Men: First Class 2 are up and running. A release date is still pending.

The Daredevil reboot, on the other hand, is still looking for a new director after David Slade dropped out of the project, citing scheduling problems. A script is said to be ready to go, with the latest rewrite courtesy of David James Kelly.

No casting has been confirmed as yet, but now that Fantastic Four has a director, we can expect the gears to start turning and the rumors and speculation to start flowing in.

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