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Make Your Own Hero With Mix & Smash: Marvel Super Hero Mashers

There’s way too many arguments on which Marvel Super Hero is the bestest scattered all over the Internet, so it is a good thing that Disney is stepping in to settle the disputes once and for all. They are not providing a universal answer, though. Instead, the House of M(ouse/arvel) is releasing the exciting new Marvel app, Mix & Smash: Marvel Super Hero Mashers, which will allow players to create the ultimate Marvel character.

Mix & Mash: Marvel Super Hero Mashers is based on the popular action figure line of the same name and functions similarly – kids can build custom Marvel characters using parts from existing characters. For example, a player can build a custom character with the head of Spider-Man, the body of Hulk, and the limbs of Iron Man, resulting in a weird but powerful new creation.

Players will take their own custom creations and power through five heroic chapters where they have to fight various evil villains, including remixed ones that aim to put their character through the wringer.

You can check out the teaser video below to see the game in action:


· Blend heroes’ looks, powers, and abilities in the MixLab.
· Trigger special moves in Smash Mode
· Tackle evil robots, and battle remixed Super Villains — Doctor Octopus & Ultron
· Power through five heroic chapters and clear dozens of levels
· Combine classic attacks with rhythm combat
· Watch exclusive Marvel Super Hero Masher shorts
· Earn special items so you can enter combat with ultimate health and power

Mix & Match: Marvel Super Hero Mashers comes out for iOS devices on August 13, with plans to release an Android port on a later date.

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