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5 Unexpectedly OP Side Characters in Anime

When it comes to anime, particularly mainstream shonen ones, it’s pretty much a given that the main character will become overpowered at some point. Increasing the protagonist’s power beyond everyone else’s is a workable, easy way of showing progress and resolving conflicts. Villains, especially main ones, need to be overpowered for obvious reasons. However, there are times when a side-character on the protagonist’s side ends up being overpowered as well, in some ways surpassing the main character. Here are the top 5 on my list:

5. Urahara Kisuke (Bleach)

Urahara’s strength was only hinted at in the beginning and never shown in an actual drag-down fight. Even during the fight with Yammy, guile and cunning were showcased over brute strength. But fast-forward to the main event fight between Sozuke Aizen and whoever was left standing after the Espada/Vaizard/Shinigami battle royal. Urahara was one of the few still going toe to toe against the uber HAX Aizen. We already knew Kisuke was exceptionally strong, but we didn’t expect him to almost take down the big bad without even going bankai.


4. Hiko Seijuro (Rurouni Kenshin)

Rurouni Kenshin’s author, Nobuhiro Watsuki himself has admitted that Himura Kenshin’s sensei, Hiko Seijuro is so overpowered that it became difficult to find a place for him in the manga where he can fight without easily solving Kenshin’s problems. Of course, Watsuki solved this predicament by having Hiko fight a freaking giant.


3. Xellos, The Priest (Slayers NEXT)

In Slayers NEXT, Xellos was introduced outright as a trickster archetype, following the protagonists around in the guise of a traveling priest. It was later revealed that Xellos is a Mazoku, and a very powerful one at that. He is immune to most magic, and is shown to be capable of destroying an entire clan of Golden Dragons with a mere gesture. Xellos was one of the characters in the series powerful enough to wipe out all of the protagonists if he wanted.

xellos the priest

2. Appledelhi Siniz Hesap Lutfen (Cowboy Bebop)

In Cowboy Bebop, protagonist Spike Spiegel has been portrayed as an excellent martial artist – capable of taking down several opponents at once using moves that are obviously patterned after jeet kune do. He’s lost a few fights during the course of the series, but most of them were pretty close and you could say that he always managed to get a decent amount of hits in – except for that one time he fought Edward’s absent-minded father, Mr. Appledelhi Siniz Hesap Lutfen. The fight was brief and Mr. Appledelhi wasn’t taking it seriously, but he was able to take down an armed Jet and Spike using nothing but a couple of eggs.


1. Might Guy (Naruto)

Might Guy has been portrayed in the series as on par with Kakashi in terms of power, with both of them being below the current Kages, all of which are way, way below main villain Madara Uchiha. Add the fact that he only uses taijutsu and Might Guy is a midcarder at best. Not to spoil anything for people who don’t follow the manga, but the last chapter shows Might Guy being the only shinobi capable of forcing an uber powered-up Madara on the defensive.


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  1. Shamashin Shamashin

    I would say that Jack Raken from Negima! if far more powerful than the main character.

    For example while coming up with a possible finisher for the main character he ‘Tried to emit an adequate beam of light from his body’; blowing up a mountain and then saying that he didn’t think it would be so powerful. (Eternal Negi Fever)

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