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Boruto is Going to Be Lighter and More Kid-Friendly Than Naruto

Viz is celebrating the fifth anniversary of their digital Shonen Jump magazine this week via a subscription sale and a sample of the periodical’s six new series. One interesting part of these is a translation of an interview between Team Jump and Naruto/Boruto author Masashi Kishimoto, which is included in a new chapter of Boruto. In the interview, Kishimoto mentioned feeling that Naruto became too introspective and dark as it went on, so with Boruto he would like to go for a more happy, fun tone that will be enjoyable even to younger boys and girls.

Of course, those who have read Boruto know that it started with something dark as well – with Boruto and a new character named Kawaki fighting over what looks like the remains of Konoha, with dialogue that many readers interpret as indication that Naruto has already died.

Kishimoto addressed that contradiction as well, and explained that he wants the manga to be happy, but also wanted to show that there’s a “dark turning point” coming, in order to grab the reader’s attention. So basically, we’ll get a lighter story with Boruto, but things will go pear-shaped towards the end. We’re totally fine with that, and while our memory is not pristine, we kind of remember that it applies to the original Naruto as well, which started out every bit as light as Boruto is right now before getting darker at some point.

But what about you, dear reader, would you prefer Boruto to stay its course or do you want it to lay on the controversy and the dark, mature themes from the get go? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Gustavo Ramirez Gustavo Ramirez

    Guess your were wrong judging by the newest episodes of Boruto having blood.

  2. borutofan borutofan

    If you bothered to read the blog post beyond the click-baity title, you’ll see that the statement about Boruto being lighter and more kid-friendly came from Masashi Kishimoto. So I guess you think the creator of the franchise was wrong.

    Besides, it said that the series will be lighter and more kid-friendly in comparison to Naruto. It didn’t say that there’s not going to be any blood.

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