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Hollywood’s Naruto Adaptation Due for a Rewrite

It is not surprising that anime afficionados have very little confidence in Hollywood when it comes to adaptations of manga and/or anime franchises—there have been many attempts to adapt popular franchises in the past, most of them end up languishing in development limbo or end up turning into Dragonball Evolution. So fans can be forgiven if the news that Lionsgate is planning a live-action adaptation of Naruto has been met with lukewarm reception (or ignored by fans completely.)

However, Lionsgate is determined to push through with the project, and in fact are taking steps to further polish at least the script, if this recent news is any indication: According to the Hollywood Reporter, the script for the Naruto live action adaptation has been scheduled for a rewrite, with scribes Jon and Erich Hoeber being the ones tasked with giving the script a do-over.

The Hoebers are well known for their big screen adaptation of the Warren Ellis comic Red, so they do know a thing or two about turning comic book content into a movie. Let us hope they can do justice to content that revolves around noisy little ninjas that wear brightly-colored jumpsuits. Other names attached to the Naruto live action adaptation are VFX artist turned director Michael Gracey as director, and Avi Arad as producer via his Arad Productions banner.

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