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Nickelodeon prepares Robot and Monster: Best Friends Forever

Nickelodeon prepares Robot and Monster: Best Friends Forever

We love Robots. We love Monsters. It only stands to reason that ToonBarn Studios would be a huge fan of a series called Robot & Monster – it’s like simple algebra. Thus, we were delighted to see that Nickelodeon is adding just such a toon to their roster! Set in a unique world where gangs of Howling Cyber Monkeys roam the streets, the world of Robot & Monster is, quite literally, filled with Robots and Monsters. Most don’t get along – that is, except for the titular characters. Robot is a self-proclaimed genius inventor, and Monster believes goo things happen to good people, believing loyally in everything Robot does. And with a best friend like that, what else could you ask for? …Except for, maybe, a pile of bacon.

Set to debut later this year, the Robot & Monster toon, created by Dave Pressler, Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia, has already been beefed up to 26 episodes, with Nick hoping for much more with the CG series.


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