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New Clip: Tony Hale Returns to Sanjay and Craig This Week


This coming Saturday, October 5, at 10:30am on Nickelodeon, recent Emmy Award-winner Tony Hale (Veep) will be returning to Sanjay and Craig’s via the episodes “Doom Baby” and “Laked Nake.” Hale will be reprising the role of Mr. Noodman, who is Sanjay and Cragi’s annoying, busybody next-door neighbor.

Mr. Noodman has a pathological fear of snakes, which makes Craig his worst nightmare and mortal enemy, not that the hostility towards the snake is unwarranted, as living so close to the duo ensures that he frequently becomes the target of Sanjay and Craig’s backyard shenanigans.

In “Doom Baby,” the duo’s decision to babysit Richard Dickson will put Craig’s life on the line. In “Laked Nake,” what started out as a relaxing day at the lake takes a turn for the worst when Sanjay loses his bathing suit. You can watch the preview clip below:

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