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A Look Back at 20 Years of One Piece

The One Piece anime franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special site, which went live last December 23. The site features a two minute special promotional video designed to provide a brief glimpse into the anime’s 20 year history. The series of footages included in the PV conveniently outline the various story arcs that have been tackled to date, starting from the East Blue arc (1999) all the way to the Whole Cake Island arc (2018). And any manga reader can attest to the PV’s promise of “more stories to come.”

You can watch the PV below:

There’s also a Japanese version, if that’s your jam:

The site is also hosting a chronological table of the One Piece anime history, probably in a bid to make a large portion of its fanbase feel old. Or so I’ve heard. But most likely it’s a way to herald the 20th anniversary film “Stampede,” which will open on August 9, 2019.

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