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One Piece Goes on Hiatus Due to Author’s Surgery

The One Piece manga is currently in the middle of a very exciting story arc – with Zoro facing off against the strongest executive from the Doflamingo family and Luffy (along with Law and a couple of others) going straight to face off with Dofla himself. There’s also a big reveal about why Law hates Dofla but I’m not going to reveal it here – the point is that the manga is very close to the peak story-wise right now, which is why it’s sad to know that it’s going to go on a 2 week hiatus.

According to a message from author Eiichiro Oda himself, the hiatus is because he has developed peritonsillar abscess last year, which has frequently gotten in the way of his normal work schedule, so he has opted to get the tonsils removed via surgery instead. One Piece is scheduled to return in time for the magazine’s 30th issue on June 23.

Oda’s (somewhat flippant) message:

“Since last year, I have had swollen tonsils when I get tired. It has really interfered with my work, so I decide to remove the tonsils by this surgery. Since taking a surgery is such a rare opportunity, I will ask the doctors to set bazookas on my shoulders. I will come back with a stronger body to finish various works scheduled in the last half of this year. I’ll be back soon, please play with me again then.”



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