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AGP plans Care Bears return for 30th anniversary

AGP plans Care Bears return for 30th anniversary

The Care Bears are back! Or… they will be! The group of emotionally powerful bears were originally created by American Greetings Properties in the early 1980s for use on greeting cards. Only a few years later, the cards’ popularity warranted a toy line, complete with top selling Care Bear plush teddy bears. It wasn’t long until they figured an animated series would do well, starting with several TV specials before leading into feature movies and an ongoing toon. Now, some 30 years after their creation, the Care Bears are planning a comeback, with a whole new toy line, CG animated series, and marketing push. Hasbro will feature the toys under their umbrella which, along with Hasbro’s new network The Hub, has us thinking the Care Bears will be heading there once all is said and done. Stay TOONed right here for more details!

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