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Atomic Cartoons and Lunch Media Team Up for Mariachi Zombie

Atomic Cartoons has just been tapped to develop an animated comedy series based on Lunch Media’s Mariachi Zombie property, with the project designed to target kids from aged seven to 11 via 52 x 11 episodes chock full of offbeat humor.

Directed by Celso Garcia and Lorena Machuca, Mariachi Zombie follows the titular undead, who wants nothing in (un)life but to play his music in peace. Unfortunately, he keeps getting interrupted by his human neighbors who want all the zombies out of their town. The series is a fresh take on the typical zombie trope, as this time around it’s the dead come to life who are considered as the good guys.

“This quirky show really appealed to me because of my love for Mexican music and folklore-rich storytelling,” said Rob Davies, VP of Development at Atomic Cartoons, “Plus, the series concept opens itself up to a world of comedic possibility. Simply put, there just haven’t been enough series for kids about the musical undead. It’s a no-brainer, pun intended. Making the zombies the protagonists for once is a refreshing twist that gives us a lot of opportunity for story and laughs and we are really looking forward to developing this fun property.”


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