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BabyRiki Enjoys Massive Success in China

FUN Union’s brand new preschool show BabyRiki has been released on main Chinese digital platforms last July 8th, where it managed to make such a huge splash among its audience. Merely 7 days after its release, the hybrid CG/live action series has already managed to garner more than 25 million views. While the series consists of 52 episodes, only thirty so far has been published on Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, Mango TV and Beva.

BabyRiki is described as a preschool series that aims to tackle all aspects of a child’s life—from physical wellbeing to socio-emotional well being, to soft skills. The stories are structured with the help of music and age appropriate sketches with educational and moral lessons.

“BabyRiki resonates with toddlers and parents due to its appealing characters and beautiful setting,” says FUN Union CEO Christine Brendle.“The series was developed alongside child psychologists to ensure that children would learn through fun and engaging storylines. It has no violence or evil characters and focuses strongly on developing social-emotional skills.”

“This is a testament to the success of high-quality content with strong educational values in China,” added China director Zijing Wu. “Following our recent announcement about our co-production with CCTV Animation, we’re very pleased with these initial results.”

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