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Bandai Namco to Reveal Super Robot Wars Plans on December

If your life has a robot-shaped hole in it, Bandai Namco will be filling it this coming December 11, 9:00 PM as they will be hosting a live stream that is said to have a key announcement about the Super Robot Wars franchise. While there are no details yet, it is bound to be something that will appease the millions of Super Robot Wars fans all over the globe.

For the uninitiated, the Super Robot Wars franchise is a long-running video game franchise that features representatives from various mecha anime properties, such as Gundam, Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Macross, UFO Grendaizer, etc. all locked in a massive turn-based JRPG crossover. While technically not canonical to each series’ respective continuities, the stories still have depth and go far beyond mere fanservice. Of course, those who only value fanservice will still enjoy the idea of seeing their favorite robots from different anime and manga properties smash each other to bits.

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