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Cbeebies Pre-buys Okido

Cbeebies Pre-buys Okido

CBeebies UK has recently pre-bought Squint Opera’s new art and science-oriented animated preschool series, Okido. The 52×11 series is scheduled to air in fall of 2014 to spring of 2015. The deal also gives CBeebies rights to broadcast through digital platforms.

Based on the arts and science magazine of the same name, and fully supported by the Wellcome Trust, Okido follows the adventures of a small monster named Messy, and his pals as they go on adventures under the bed while encountering various answers to everyday questions.

Squint Opera currently co-owns the rights to the series with the magazine creators and publishers Sophie Dauvois and Rachel Ortas. Their upcoming plans also include teaming up with Genevieve Dexter of Serious Lunch in order to take the pilot to Cartoon Forum and MIPcom where they are planning to shop around the series in order to raise the remainder of the $8 million budget.

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